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For Safety and Accuracy

CSeaNav’s plug ‘n play solution transforms the navigation content,

into our revolutionary stereoscopic NAVContext   ,

in front of the mate's eyes, accurately matched to the real world,

day & night, regardless of any visibility obstructions.


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Cargo Ship

CSeaNav Pro

Merchant Vessels and Super Yachts Navigation

CSeaNav New Navigation Reality P.C.:

  • Catches the advances of Mixed/Augmented Reality technology

  • Integrates all the navigation context, (ENC, route, NMEA, etc.) regardless of the vessel’s size or the variety of the onboard systems, and.. 

Luxury Private Motor Yacht


Motor & Sailing Yachts Navigation

..transforms it into a world scaled innovative 3D navigation environment, that..

  • is spatially presented in front of the sailor’s eyes, perfectly matched to the real world.

  • surmounts any visibility obstructions.

  • is empowered by an unmistakable  and well in advance acting, alert system


CSeaNav Regatta

AI Regatta Racing

 ..put on the see-through AR/MR glasses,
look outside and experience a complete 3D spatial ECDIS* precisely matched to the real world.

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